Business    Integrity Evaluation
Integrity / Evaluation
CPP Rotor Bore Automatic Inspection
CPP Rotor Wheel/Bucket Dovetail Automatic Inspection
NPP Rotor Bore Automatic Inspection
NPP Rotor Wheel/Bucket Dovetail Automatic Inspection
NPP Shrunkon Disc Type Rotor Automatic Inspection
Modeling, Structure & Thermal Analysis, Crack Propagation Analysis
Design/Manufacture of Scanners and Mechanical Devices for Nondestructive Inspection
enesG Integrity Evaluation Division is playing a role of Integrity Service and life assessment through the In-Service inspection about the main components of power plants, which is the major requirement of the Korea Institute Nuclear Safety.

As a project to prove and assure the reliability for the MRO(Maintenance, Repair, Operation) of main components, the purpose of this engineering service is to prevent any personal or material loss that may cause the breaking down of the major facilities.
Main Performance
  • NDT & Integrity Evaluation of TPP Turbine/Boiler Components
    (TBN & GEN Rotor, Casing, Valve, Boiler etc)
  • NDT & Integrity Evaluation in NPP Turbine Components
  • Stress & Crack Propagation Analysis of turbine & Boiler components
  • Metal Structure and Residual Life Assessment
Developing Technology
  • Automatic inspection System NPP RCS
    - Development of AUT/ECT System in Ω Seal Weld Area
    - Development of AUT/ECT System in BMI/CEDM
  • NDT & Life Assessment of Boiler components
Automated Inspection Equipment
Rotating part automated Inspection System
Bore Automated Inspection System
Boring & Honing Machine and MT Equipment
Portable Bore Boring & Horning Equipment
20,000Amp HWDC & FWDC MT Equipment
Analysis & Remaining Life Evaluation
  • Design data, operating history, history of inspection and maintenance / repair history analysis performed Technical Review
  • Inspection Plan is based on the Engineering Assessment, NDE, Visual Inspection, Material Assessment, Performance Assessment.