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Performance Engineering
ㆍOverall Power Plant | ASME PTC46
ㆍFired Steam Generator | ASME PTC4, PTC4.1
ㆍGas Turbine HRSG | ASME PTC 4.4
ㆍSteam Turbines | ASME PTC 6 | IEC 60953-1,2,3
ㆍSteam Turbines | ASME PTC 6.2
ㆍGas Turbines | ASME PTC22/ISO 2314
ㆍHeat Exchangers | ASME PTC12 series
ㆍTest Uncertainty Analysis ASME PTC19.1
The Performance Technology Division of enesG plays a role as a world-class performance diagnosis and measurement institute and works not only for domestic power plants but also for power plants around the world.
  • Performance Acceptance
    / Diagnosis
  • Power Plant Efficiency
  • Steam Path Audit
  • On-line Monitoring
  • Flow meter
  • Overall

Thermal Performance Acceptance Test

Performance acceptance testing and third party performance acceptance testing supervision according to international standards

  • Overall Power Plant
  • Fired Steam Generator
  • Gas Turbine HRSGs
  • Steam Turbines
  • Gas Turbines
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Test Uncertainty Analysis
  • Plant performance correction curves using thermodynamic heat balance modeling(GateCycleTM)

Thermal Performance Diagnosis

  • Establishment of benchmark performance parameters for power plant facilities
  • Diagnosis of abnormal aging, degradation
  • Steam Path Audit and Performance
  • Revaluation
  • Cycle isolation valve leakage detecting service
  • Execution of heat rate improvement program

Thermal Performance Evaluation Tools

  • Customized heat balance generating program for steam turbine cycle.
  • Developing customized Excel add-in module for thermal performance evaluation
  • Customized on-line performance monitoring system

Contractual Supporting

  • Technical consulting on the performance guarantee related activities from ITB stage to the turn-over.

Thermal engineering for retrofit project

Activities Actions and Outputs
  • Performance diagnostic testing service

  • Power losses recapture program
  • Determine AS-IS performance parameters of overall power plant and individual equipment
  • Trending performance parameters from new and clean condition
  • Steam/Gas path audit
  • Cycle Isolation testing
  • Operation methods (Condenser vacuum optimization and etc.)
  • AS-IS basis plant thermal performance modeling
  • TO-BE basis plant thermal performance modeling
  • Build plant thermal performance modeling using AS-IS performance parameters (GateCycle)
  • Conduct benefit analysis to select items to be repaired, improved or replaced through GateCycle simulation (needs input from equipment manufactures)
  • Confirm TO-BE basis plant thermal performance modeling
  • Contract and execution of the retrofit project
  • Technical support or directly conduct thermal engineering of the retrofit project
  • Performance acceptance testing service
  • Conduct performance acceptance test and compare the test results with contractual performance guarantee

Steam Path Audit (SPA) includes a in-depth visual inspection of the steam turbine internal components and clearance measurement of the packings, root and tip spill strips.

This visual inspection evaluates and quantifies the performance impacts of degradation effects such as erosion, deposits, damage, peening, etc.

With this information, the decision can be made based on the economics associated with the repair and replacement of turbine components, and the priority of necessary repair work.

Based on various experience from the field thermal performance testing, enesG develops customized on-line performance monitoring system. Unit specific thermal performance modeling is installed in the performance analysis engine to predict the real-time plant performance parameter and to reconcile the raw data from station sensors.

enesG is running one of the world largest flow meter calibration laboratory. Test method meets ASME / ANSI MFC -9M-1988 and ISO 4185-1980 "Measurement of Liquid Flow in Closed Conduits-Weighing Method”. This lab. serves for the entire spectrum of users requiring high accuracy flow measurement for applications such as acceptance testing and custody transfer.

  • Maximum Flow Rate
    : 6,000 tons/hr
  • Maximum Fluid Temp
    : 50 ℃
  • Uncertainty (CMC)
    : 0.12% with 10 tons
    : 0.13% with 75 tons

Recent 10 years experience – Domestic

Recent 10 years experience – Overseas