Business    Engineering Service (NSSS)
Engineering & Field Service for NSSS
The engineering & field services team performs maintenance and improvement of facilities for the reactor coolant system and primary piping for nuclear power plants. We also provide various engineering services related to core facilities of nuclear power plants providing comprehensive engineering and special equipment.
Engineering Services
  • Engineering Diagnosis, Trouble Shooting & Technical Services on diesel engines, pumps, valves, fans, Hydraulic Components, Reactor Coolant pumps, Chiller(Air conditioning System) etc.
  • Designing Assist & Consulting services for design modification, performance improvement, an improvement in working or operating environment.
  • Design & Consulting services for developments of Special tools & Equipments.
  • Technical Services & Consulting services for high radiation work.
  • Thermal Performance diagnosis, test & analysis
Field Services
  • Decommissioning, dismantling and installation services on Components, Piping & Steel structures.
  • Cutting & Welding of Piping System
  • Maintenance, Repair of Components and Equipments
  • Various kinds of welding and machining
  • Various Outage Services
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Steel structures
  • Hydraulic oil actuators & machines
  • Test benches, machines & equipment
  • Pressurizer full structure weld overlay repair
    (YG NPP 1,2)
  • Degasser-Condenser nozzle welding repair
    (YG NPP 3,4)
  • Regular member and mobilization SYS
  • Capable of field work
  • Thermal sleeves remova l(UC NPP 3,4 & YG NPP 3,4)
  • The clearance adjustment between seismic structures and liner plate of RCB
    (YG NPP3)
  • Removal of Stuck PZR heater
    (UC NPP3)
  • Regular member and mobilization SYS
  • Capable of field work
  • RCP 01PB Full Scope Overhaul
    (UC NPP3)
  • Reactor Upper Guide Structure Guide tube repair(YG NPP5)
  • SG Nozzle repair (welding & NDE, YG NPP 3,4)
  • Reactor vent nozzle repair field service (YG NPP 3&4)
  • Removal of Stuck PZR heater
    (UC NPP3)
  • Regular member and mobilization SYS
  • Capable of field work
  • Cutting device
    (YG NPP3,4,5,6)
  • SG manway cover handling device
  • UGS GT repair equipment
    (YG NPP 5)
  • A machining device for CEDM nozzle & guide cone on reactors
  • Automatic lapping machine for hydraulic oil seal face
  • Regular member and sub contractors
  • Capable of field work
  • Strong relationship with customer
  • Capable of pro-active marketing towards customer
  • Spec-in capability
  • Well understanding of customer & Government policy
  • Strong drive to NPP special engineering services
  • Intend to extend its region to regular maintenance areas.
  • Rarely good reputation in Korean NPP market
  • Carrying out Governmental R&D Projects as
  • Development of maintenance technology for BMI Nozzle
  • Development of the maintenance system for CRDM Nozzle