Company    Greeting
Dear Customer,

Pursuing to specialized engineering company in the field of power plant like nuclear, fossil and combined cycle, we strongly adhere closely to the beliefs, that is

Faith in human being,
Confidence of technologies.

Also we truly believe that under these creeds, we could achieve the strongest and the most valuable business.
Sincerely we are seeking to build the company which compete with our distinctive technology in the global electricity market as well as managerial targets that include rationality, specialization and globalization.

At this juncture, mobility is to be believed absolutely essentials. It goes without saying that if we can dynamically respond to the change amid globalization, we could find ourselves at the center of the change.

Now, the company is ready to make another leap-flog and huge advance. The company will further grow into a genuine specialist in power generation facilities based on a strong organization and advanced technology gained foothold in Korean power generation market, not only Korea but also worldwide.
Thank you,